General Information

  • Democratic country with a free market economy
  • Member of the European Union
  • Strategic location at the crossroads of three continents
  • Excellent telecommunications – direct dialing to over 200 countries
  • Modern and efficient legal, accounting and banking services based on English practices
  • Favourable tax regime including 12.5% rate of corporation tax
  • Double tax treaties with 40 countries
  • Bilateral investment agreements with 16 countries
  • Low set up and operating costs
  • Highly qualified managerial, clerical and technical staff available.

Vibrant, growing, and constantly changing, today’s Cyprus business environment reflects both the past and the future. From an agricultural and merchant-based economy, Cyprus has evolved into a dynamic export-oriented country, a major leisure and tourist location and an important international business, financial services and investment fund centre. Now, with its entry into the EU there has never been a better time to take advantage of business opportunities or establishing international operations from Cyprus.

Taxation Benefits:

  • Ideal Tax regime for holding companies- exemption of dividents from corporate tax
  • No withholding tax on payment of dividents, interest, royalties to non-residents
  • No capital gains tax
  • Best Holding Company jurisdiction in EU
  • One of best Jurisdictions in EU for Trading structures
  • Uniform corporate tax rate @ 12.5%
  • Dividents in most cases exempt from taxation
  • Extensive double tax treaty network
  • Parent subsidiary directive